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Music in the Gardens will return 28th June to 1st July 2018. Please keep checking back for announcements.



Thursday 29th June 2017 – The Zombies


RoundaboutRoundabout is Sheffield's youth housing charity providing shelter, support and life skills to over 150 young people every day. We provide emergency accommodation at our hostel for 16-21 year olds and a range of medium term accommodation throughout the city. We also support young people to live independently in their own home who might otherwise struggle to do so – putting them at risk of becoming homeless. Our Homeless Prevention Service offers family mediation and housing advice for young people at risk of homelessness. Each year, we need to raise £200,000 through fundraising in order to ensure we can continue to be there for vulnerable young people and end youth homelessness.


Friday 30th June 2017 – The Bootleg Beatles


NeurocareNeurocare support and provide funding for world-leading neurosciences and neurology departments at Sheffield’s Hospitals and research centre SITraN. Each year we purchase life-saving equipment for Sheffield’s neurology wards and also fund ground-breaking research so Sheffield can make remarkable steps within developments for conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s and Epilepsy.

In 2017 Neurocare are launching our fundraising appeal for ROSA robot, a state-of-the-art robot that will revolutionise the way in which we can treat patients with a range of life-threatening conditions.

Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire will be the first NHS hospital in the UK to have ROSA so we’re incredibly lucky to be funding this phenomenal piece of equipment that will save lives and transform thousands of conditions that previously would have been untreatable.


Saturday 1st July 2017 – 10cc



Aquabox is a charity developed and managed by the Rotary Club of Wirksworth to provide safe drinking water, through the use of filtration units, and humanitarian aid to crisis zones around the world. Since its formation in 1992, Aquabox has distributed more than 105,000 boxes to countries suffering from natural or man-made disasters, helping hundreds of thousands of people.  As well as a water-filtration unit, each Aquabox contains a variety of humanitarian aid items, including cooking utensils, hygiene equipment, tools, shelter materials, baby and children's clothing and educational items. In recognition of the contribution made by Aquabox to helping those in need, the charity was very proud to receive the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in June 2016.


Sunday 2nd July 2017 – Night at the Movies


Rotary Foundation

Ask anyone who has been touched by The Rotary Foundation what it is and every answer will be different.

To children from South Yorkshire and the East Midlands it’s a work program in Cambodian and Kenyan schools - a youth engagement project in their village -  an eco-greenhouse in their school - access to a Nature Reserve - planting a polio crocus - Santa at Christmas.

To the homeless in South Yorkshire and the East Midlands it’s clean clothes, a meal, a roof - the chance to start again.

To people with learning or physical difficulties it’s a holiday chalet in Snowdonia, a bus to get there, a hoist for a swimming pool, a horse to ride in South Derbyshire a boat to sail on an English reservoir.

To children in the Gambia it’s a school desk - in Romania escape from an orphanage -  in Ghana girl-empowerment - in India a toilet, a classroom, a library - in Kenya, Nepal and South Africa a school - in Senegal its clean water

To the terminally ill in Cameroon its someone who cares.

To millions it’s a Polio free world.

To a Peace student at the University of Bradford it’s the opportunity to help make a safer world.

The Rotary Foundation – a million plus Rotarians – caring, donating, taking action all over the world every day. Thousands of different projects that make a difference to people who need the difference.

All made possible by our army of supporters – thankyou – you help to make a real difference at home and abroad.